Dragon Ball Super ch 103 draft: Inheritance to the future !!

Dragon Ball Super ch 103 draft: Inheritance to the future !!

Like Goku And Gohan, Toriyama Has Passed The Torch To Toyotaro

Dragon Ball Super could continue even after Toriyama's death

Despite the circumstances, the roughs are out for DBS ch.103, “An Inheritance to the Future”. UI Goku and Beast Gohan fight, with Gohan landing a solid kick. Goku says Gohan’s pretty good. As always, he’s got great potential!

What’s more, Goku says this time Gohan has trained and mastered his potential. He’s changed! Gohan says it’s all thanks to Piccolo. Still…Goku says he’s trained plenty too! He steps his UI up a notch and seems to gain the upper hand. And that’s it, for now.

The DB Official Site describes this chapter as the “climax” of the Super Hero arc, which makes it sound like this epilogue mini-arc is wrapping up. And then…?

As mentioned above, the chapter title is 未来への継承/“An Inheritance to the Future”. Other potential ways to phrase 継承 include succession, passing on, legacy, etc. In light of recent events, it of course seems deliberately symbolic.

Release Information:

Date: March 21, 2024
Publication: V-Jump, May 2024 Issue

 Below are the early official drafts of the newest manga chapter along with some leaks :

page1 dbs manga 103

page2 dbs manga 103

page3 dbs manga 103

page4 dbs manga 103

page5 dbs 103

page 6 dbs 103

page 7 dbs ch 103


Dragon Ball Super chapter 103 leaks and ending summary below :

So who do you think won ?!


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