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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 Special Toyataro Message

To accompany the 100th chapter of Dragon Ball Super , Toyotaro shared a message to readers in the new issue of V-Jump magazine. The author of the manga, who has been working on it for over 8 years now alongside Toriyama, wanted to thank the readers, and will see us next month for the next chapter.

Toyotaro's message for the 100th chapter of Dragon Ball Super

“Thanks to the support of all the readers, I managed to draw up to 100 chapters! Thank you so much. I put a lot of exciting scenes in this 100th chapter, so watch it from the next page! I'm also working hard to make things even more exciting in what comes next after chapter 100, so keep enjoying the Dragon Ball Super manga!! »

In addition, the magazine tells us that Toyotaro will be in Dragon Ball news in the coming days. First, Toyotaro will be a guest on Weekly Dragon Ball News on January 1 and 8, 2024 for an “ important discussion .” Perhaps it will be the time to discuss the continuation of the manga alongside its publisher Victory Uchida? Recall that so far, there has been no new arc announced for chapter 101.

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